NGA News & Updates

Nominees for Elections - December 3, 2018
General Elections for the NGA Board of Directors - November 12, 2018
Neighborhood Watch - November 05, 2018

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The Board has decided that there will be NO INCREASE in the association and maintenance dues for this year...

  There will also be NO INCREASE in the cost of car stickers. The green residents' stickers will remain at the same levels

Due to the unexpected assessment of NGA property taxes for streets, roads and improvements amounting to P1.75 million..


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When visiting Greenhills, Go North” WE welcome all residents and their guests to use the excellent sports and community facilities of NGA. We continue to upgrade our facilities to meet the growing demand for sports and social interactive requirements in a safe and secured environment within the confines of our exclusive village. We have a group of friendly and service-oriented staff to assist in any sports activity and security concerns. We also have provided for ample support facilities like comfort and wash rooms and parking spaces. We hope you visit us soon and have an enjoyable experience.
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